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Design to Finish

From our Computer-Aided Design software, to traditional hand-carved wax, the creativity and passion that goes into designing jewelry is just as exciting as wearing it when it’s complete. Come see us for custom designing to create your old pieces into something new again, the options are endless!

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Wright’s Store History

Wright’s Jewelers was born from the desires of Tom and Mary Wright in 1979. Mary and Tom both worked for another jeweler at the time, and with several years of planning and exploring different business ideas, Wright’s Jewelers finally came to Wright's Store Historyfruition.

In May of 1979 Wright’s Jewelers opened for business at the corner of 13th & P St in downtown Lincoln. Wright’s Jewelers stayed at that location for the following 28 years. In 2007 Tom and Mary realized the changes in the Lincoln shopping market and moved the firm to Pioneer Woods Centre at the Northeast corner of 70th & Pioneers Blvd.

From day one Tom and Mary knew that the one and only thing that could create the type of business they dreamed was a strong sense of caring, service and a dedication to our clientele.

In 1979 Wright’s Jewelers promoted its grand opening as “The New Tradition”.

Today, as it was in 1979, service is our main priority and we are proud to have become a true tradition to generations of our clientele.

Wright’s Jewelers Awards

2010 Retailer of the Year Award Nebraksa Retail Federation “Community Gem” award for the State of Nebraksa

Winner of the 2010 Jewelers Choice Award